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Haikemono collection
August 2007. 35 puzzles

Collection of big puzzles with many boxes, but easy and fun.



June 2009. 170 puzzles

170 authentic tiny "pufis" of just 3 or 4 boxes. In each puzzle shows the limit of steps to solve the puzzle optimally. Ideal to learn and play with limited steps.



Original remixed
September 2009. 50 puzzles

It is the "Original" collection (1988) of Thinking Rabbit, but highly remodeled. Most of the puzzles are easy, although some are a little more difficult, especially from the level 20.



Small chessboards
December 2009. 40 puzzles

The arrangement of the boxes in a "chessboard" is one of the most difficult puzzle modes (among other reasons, because there are any spaces). This collection is a little chessboards's training of increasing difficulty.



December 2010. 90 puzzles

Small handmade puzzles for beginners, beautiful and fun. The last levels are more difficult... Recommended!



Magic Sokoban
Authors: Jordi Domènech and other authors
June 2011 - December 2018. 6 sets of 100 puzzles each series, and one last set (unfinished) of 79 puzzles

Small puzzles, simple and beautiful for beginners. This is my favorite collection ... Is the collection that I had always wanted to do.


November-December 2015, and 2017-2018, 2021. 70 puzzles

I've done this collection "Life" in a few days, a puzzle after another, between November and December 2015. I have tried that every puzzle raises a typical problem of Sokoban. There are some difficult puzzles, others are easier, all mixed, and there are two hard levels (#20 and #32): If you can't solve them, leave them. As a whole, I think that it is a beautiful collection and fun to solve.

I have built this collection for peace in the world, and most especially to Syria, where any war had to have been!

See more comments on the collection in the post Life.

• Remodels •

The beautiful world of remodels
3 sets of 80 puzzles each series, and one last set (unfinished) of 27 puzzles

Within the wide world of Sokoban, the remodeling is an item that fascinates me most today. These collections are a tribute to all creators of Sokoban.



SokoStation variations
Authors: Ghislain Martin and Jordi Domènech
January and December 2012. 112 puzzles

This collection brings together 112 "variations" of the puzzles of Ghislain Martin, most of them belonging to his fantastic collection "SokoStation". Some of these "variations" are very difficult. I hesitated if include them in this selection, because all that is gained in difficulty, is lost in fun. Ghislain Martin puzzles are very clever and very fun, however, these "variations" are at risk of being difficult and boring. I recommend this: If you can't solve a puzzle, leave it for last, and try to solve the following. Enjoy!


Microban variations
Authors: David W. Skinner and Jordi Domènech
May 2012. 144 puzzles

Most of these variations are from 2010. Some of this were posted in the Yahoo forum, but until now I have not decided to collect them in a collection. What sense does add some boxes or walls to increase the difficulty, in these puzzles that are for beginners, or even for children, such as Skinner says in its website? It seems to me absurd. But the difficulty is the law of gravity of Sokoban, and all the puzzles tend to the difficulty in the same way that a stone tends to the center of the Earth. It is inevitable. However, I am a strong supporter of the puzzles for beginners, i.e. of the easy and nice but good puzzles. In any case, here are these variations, that at least I have tried to make them attractive for all lovers of this classic and excellent David W. Skinner Microban collection.


Chrysalis variations
Authors: David Buchweitz and Jordi Domènech
July 2012-2019. 113 puzzles

David Buchweitz has a great ability to create very imaginative structures. As the structure is the most important thing a puzzle, it is sometimes possible to obtain very good and amazing puzzles. These "variations" are modifications of some of his puzzles.

For years, David Buchweitz keeps animated his website Let's Logic.


Alberto Garcia remixed
Authors: Alberto García and Jordi Domènech
January 2013. 90 puzzles

In a few months, between June and December 2002, Alberto García published 1000 puzzles, distributed in several collections. Alberto was a student of 18 years old. All of puzzles are very simple and easy, but there are some good ideas. I've remodeled some puzzles, and I have ordered according to increasing difficulty, although none of them exceeds the medium difficulty, typical of the Thinking Rabbit puzzles. I am sure that in this "remixed" set, Sokoban fans will discover a new Alberto García.

Personally, I have a great appreciation for this collection: is one of my favorites. Recommended!

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